November is traditionally the month in which many of us finalise our December holiday plans. Some do the annual trek to the seaside, others experience the winter wonderland of Europe, so reminiscent of our childhood days, and scenes depicted on Christmas cards. A certain virus, which shall remain unnamed, marred many a plan. For those from overseas, who escape to the Cape during their winter, the news was doubly bad. A spike of infections sees them locked down over this special period.

For South Africans, luckily, the trend here is exactly the opposite, with lockdown regulations down to level one, which allows for a lot more freedom, after extreme measures such as curfews.

Most accommodation establishments are still battling to recover from a disastrous six months in which we were obliged to close down. Despite travel restrictions being lifted, many people are still cautious about leaving their safe environment, despite a strong urge to break the shackles and breathe freely again.

At 10 Alexander B&B we spent the lull in business by preparing for the day when restrictions would be lifted. Stellenbosch Ready, and initiative by our tourism body, managed to secure the first Health and Safety award from the World Health Organization in Sub-Saharan Africa. As members, all our staff underwent compulsory training and signed a pledge to uphold all the protocols to ensure the safety of staff and guests. We were able to put this into practice during October, and guests can now rest assured that whatever needs to be done, will be done.

So what about the Mediterranean?

In a recent marketing drive, Wesgro compared the Western Cape to these sought-after tourist destinations in a short video titled Feels like Faraway. Stellenbosch was likened to Italy.

We actually have more to offer. Apart from the normal association with some of the finest wining and dining in the world, Stellenbosch, the second oldest town in SA, is a nature lover’s paradise, be it on foot, on your mountain bike, or atop an e-bike.

At 10 Alexander B&B, our love of the Mediterranean climes, and its wonderful array of food, has led to us adjusting our table from being a purely South African offer to include a strong touch of Mediterranean food styles, including those indescribable Turkish egg delights. We can also include a demonstration on how to make nomad cheese (labneh) for consumption at breakfast the next morning, paired with our renowned home-baked bread.

So why Stellenbosch?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, SA visitors to the Mediterranean countries face serious cost implications in the form of excessive flight costs, and an exchange rate that seriously limits one’s options.

At 10 Alexander B&B you can stay for 50% of our normal rates during November. Click here to find out more.

So, why not Stellenbosch, and why not 10 Alexander B&B?