People in the Western Cape, South Africa, will certainly relish these words from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, albeit in a different sense than the poor old seafarer.

After the worst drought in recorded history, the heavens opened up during the winter months, and the main dams in the area are now 67% full, compared to 35% last year this time.

Mother Nature has responded in joyous abundance at the onset of spring on 1 September, with our gardens in full bloom, and heady smells of a great variety of flowers filling the air.

We were also able to keep our swimming pool going, which is already proving very popular as day temperatures vary around the 22 degree mark.

We have gone to great lengths (and expense) to ensure that we will not be caught unawares by a water shortage in future and now have 25 000 litres in tanks which can be made available, via a sophisticated filter system, at the switch of a button.